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Read my thoughts...

It all started way back when, I can't even remember. I have always had a feeling that we are not alone and something else has been making their presence known. Well here is a little bit about me and what I do...

It all started back in the spring of 1999. I found out that there were actually haunted places around the area in which I lived in. This interested me a lot and I told all of my friends about it. They were just as intrigued as me and one night all of us decided to set out on our own journeys to explore the unknown. Our first sites were The Hermitage in Ancaster and The Bellvue Mansion in Hamilton. We made these sites weekly and sometime daily visits. Then years went by (roughly 3 or 4) before I would embark yet again on what they call 'ghost hunts'. But this time around it was and is very much different...

It was now the end of spring in 2003 where I found out about a "haunted hill" or what is known as 'The Magnetic Hill' in Burlington. This one site would lead me to more and more serious "ghost hunts." Every week I would visit more sites within the Southern Ontario region with my group of friends. It finally lead to me (Adrian) being so inspired by what we have incountered and seen throughtout our journeys to start up this site, to give the public a glimpse of what is really out there.

After taking nearly a full year off from hardly ever going on any "ghost hunts"...I'M BACK!!! Throughout the past year I have only managed to go on about 2 or 3 hunts that were not to successful at all. So I just decided not to persue it anymore. But for some weird reason, I (Adrian) have been getting these weird sudden urges to pick this stuff back up. So here I am today regenerating the site, the group and my love for the unknown. Hopefully this time around it will be just as fun and successful as the first go-around. So feel free to surf around the site and please visit some of my favourite links, which were a huge inpiration for what I do today. Also, feel free to contact me at any time as well...Enjoy!!!

Hunters & Friends

2005 List
Adrian D.
Leo P.
Andrew R.
Mike S.
Ashley M.
Becky M.
Marco C.
Mark C.
Alison S.

2004 List
Adrian D.
Leo P.
John-Anthony L.
Claudia & Scott
Milli & Maria
Joanne V.
Karen B.

2003 List
Adrian D.
Frank I.
Mike P.
John M.
Matt B.
Chris R.
Marian Z.
Erica D.
Jen H.
Jelena A.
Katie S.
Jasmina Z.

Note: The names appearing on this page and/or throughout this site have been posted by permission from the actual persons themselves.